Hangin's take on the ACP

    Itís good to see ACP backing Kramnik vs. Leko, the match of tradition, quality and value. FIDE has done a poor job with  world champion chess since 1993.  In 1993, Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short split from FIDE after a dispute with FIDE over sponsorship. The players felt their views were being ignored by FIDE. They created their own organisation and world championship match. Instead of trying to repair the split of two of its best players, FIDE held the Karpov vs. Timman world championship match.  Short had defeated both in candidate matches en route to facing Garry Kasparov in 1993.

     In 1972 FIDE went to great lengths to save the Fischer vs. Spassky match. FIDE President Max Euwe did a great job seeing that match through. Again In 1975, FIDE went to great lengths  to save the world championship. However, an uncompromising Bobby Fischer would not budge, even though all but one of his demands had been granted.  Too bad in 1993 FIDE did not see the importance of keeping the world championship in house. 
ACP claims it will defend playerís rights worldwide.

    I hope ACP will also defend Kasparovís rights as an ex world champion, one match removed from his title. After all, ACP does recognized Kramnik as the world champion, it therefore needs to recognize Kasparov as the ex champion.  Itís encouraging to see ACP willingness to take reunification into its own hands, should FIDE not have a plan by October 2004. ACP is showing its maturity, by willing to take important matters into its own hands and its willingness to work with FIDE for the good of chess.  ACP is doing a fine job standing up for players rights. ACP President Joel Lautier gave a good speech at the Kramnik vs. Leko press conference in Hamburg Germany on May 12, 2004. It was encouraging to see a president of a chess organization with an appreciation for world championship chess. There is hope for the future.