Hangin's take on Peter Leko and Bobby Fischer

   Back in February of 2000, Shelby Lyman wrote that Peter Leko and Bobby Fischer had been analyzing chess together. Peter Leko won the first Fischer Random World Championship in 2001. He defeat Michael Adams in a match in 2001 by a score of 4.5-3.5 in the Chess Classic at Mainz. 

Here are some excerpts from that interview by Hartmut Metz
Your match with Michael Adams will be a historic event. There had been rumours going around that you have already played some games in private with the inventor of Fischer Random Chess, Bobby Fischer.

Peter Leko: Let me explain this in a few words. In the recent past I was good friends with Bobby during his time in Budapest. For me this was a fantastic experience, but I prefer to keep my memories to myself. Please ask Bobby if he has anything to say about me or about the issue itself. By the way, what kind of friendship would this be if I start to tell things behind his back that were not meant to be made public.


 The complete Interview of Peter Leko by Hartmut Mertz conducted in May of 2001 just before the start of the first Fischer Random World Championship.
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