Hangin's OTB 
Over the Beer 

  This is game was played some time in early 2003. Here I am playing 23 Beer f5 !!. This was a GM type move.  I think I took my opponent by surprise. Well actually no, I don't think he needed Fritz to know that I was going to play it when I sat down. In fact I think I was a victim of some opening preparation. They had just changed the keg. Never the less it was a high class waiting move, after all it was Heineken.  I violated opening principles here. I move this piece multiple times,  with loss of time and money. In fact I moved this piece exclusively thru the opening, middle and endgame phases. The piece was exchange, or rather refilled multiple times. The game went on thru the night and was adjourned when they closed the playing hall at 2:00 am. Play resumed the following evening. It took multiple sessions to complete.  This game went deep into the endgame phase. It went on until the kings were barely standing, or was it the players who where barely standing?  For some reason I can't recall the result of this game.