Hangin's Final Analysis

  It was 4 years ago that Vladimir Kramnik made chess immortality, by decisively defeating Garry Kasparov.  Now it's Kramnikís turn to defend his title against Peter Leko. Itís a match on several levels. Itís between Champion vs. Challenger, artist vs. sportsman, skipper vs. skipper, and Kramnik vs. Leko. 

The 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik has assembled an experience and talented dream team. Both Kramnik and Leko are experienced skippers. Both will set sail in a race for chess immortality. However Peter Leko and his crew are headed into uncharted waters.   The seas will get rough. Navigation will be difficult. Many a fine ship have been lost. All the intense training and preparation in the world canít make up for the unknown. Kramnikís ship set sail last November at
 Cap D'adge. His ship has been steadily picking up steam and gaining momentum. Captain Kramnik has charted these waters before. He has all the navigational tools to guide his ship. He also has a beacon, the 9th pawn, to help guide his way.  I expect Captain Kramnik and his dream team to gain a 3 knot lead and bring his ship safely into harbor