Nostradamous had nothing on Hangindamous in terms of predicting the future. In December 2003, Hangindamous predicted the death of the Prague agreement and the death of the chess reunification process. Nostradamous got visions while staring into a bowl of water. Hangindamous' methods are similar. In a dark quiet room, Hangindamous allows pieces to  randomly fall from a black bag onto an empty chess board. Hangindamous then looks deeply at the position on the board. The visions come several hours later.

   Hangindamous December 2003 prediction about the reunification 
   Hangindamous reason for the failure of Prague
   Kasparov says 'No mass No mass' to reunification 
   Who is Nostradamous 

      Hangindamous is at it again. Here is his latest prediction involving the 2036 US Presidential race. Two twin tickets of twin sisters will rise and fight it out for the number one spot. The Gucci Goo party candidates will be the Olsen twins. The Sax Fifth and Sixth Avenue party candidates will be the Bush twins.  The election will be tightly contested. The race will be a virtual tie in both the popular vote and electoral college. Mr. Blackwell and the fashion police will cast the deciding vote. The Olsen twins will take office. They will confound the press, our allies and enemies by never identifying who the president or vice president is. They will create great worldwide confusion by giving competing and conflicting speeches across the globe.  World peace is at hand. The Olsen twins win a 2nd term in 2040. 

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