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 Keys to Victory in Leko vs. Adams

6/1/2005 - here is a email I received.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

the most exciting and strongest international rapid chess match (8 games) of
the year 2005 between No. 3 Peter Leko (Hungary) and No. 6 Michael Adams
(England) will take place between 2 June and 5 June 2005 in the Kossuth
Cinema of Miskolc/Hungary.

We would very much appreciate a pre-view on this event by publishing the URL
of the official website: www.lekoadams.info. The games will be broadcasted
live here and you will find all necessary information with regard to the
match and the venue. The official events logo has been attached to this

Best regards,
Carsten Hensel
(Manager to Peter Leko, International Grandmaster)

 This should prove to be a very exciting match between two of the top chess players in the world. Both players finished 2004 with a bang. Peter Leko is building off his successful drawn world championship match against Vladimir Kramnik. Adams is trying to build off his near victory at the 2004 FIDE KO. Recently both players have cooled off a bit in mid 2005. Peter Leko has proven to be one of the most difficult players in the world  to defeat. However Adams does have the right stuff to do just that. Both Players have taken full points from Anand and Kramnik. In the time scramble of a rapid match, anything can happen. In such a match, natural talent could rule the day.   There are many keys to victory, but player psychology could rule the day.  With the lead in head to head match ups, Adams' natural talents should decide this match by a score of 5-3.

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