Hangin is Hurt

    At 9:04 am on October 12, 2004, Hangin was injured near his  home, in what police called a vicious king-side attack. Neighbors called police when they found a confused Hangin lagging in development. Hangin was rushed to the hospital and treated for a severe head injury. Hangin complained about being cramped and having vision problems. He complained of seeing double isolated pawns. He has stabilized and has been transferred to the Chronic Ward of the Chess Rehabilitation Hospital in East Jabbib.

    Doctors, during an  adjournment analysis,  discovered Hangin sustained a corrupt kingside majority wing. There was also an exaggeration of the Fianchetto. Doctor Fedorowicz will try to perform a repair job on the structure. However he is concerned about Hanginís weak square complex.  Doctors are optimistically cautious about Hanginís full recovery. They hope that Hangin recovers what little chess mastery he had before.  Hangin will have to relearn how to play the game of chess. He will need extensive opening, middle and endgame rehabilitation. 

Hospital spokesmen Doctor Staunton was quoted as saying; Hangin was receiving a steady diet of king and pawn endings. However he developed an opposition to the treatment. Hangin is in a serious state of zugzwang. The Doctors are currently at an enpassant in the treatment. Doctors are concerned about a build up of pressure along a critical diagonal. Doctors are considering an intermezzo to open up some files to reduce this pressure. Hopefully Doctors will not have to sacrifice the exchange to end this state of zugzwang. During Hanginís latest rehabilitation session, it was discovered that Hangin might need a permanent 12-second increment after each move. Doctors fear that Hangin might have a lasting positional weakness. However they feel that with aggressive play, this could be minimized. 

   All of us at Chess Reporter send our warmest wishes  for a speedy recovery.