All we have is the chess board,
 32 pieces, and the truth.

For those about to play we salute you


Hangin wins 2013 CJA  Best Humorous Contribution

Hangin wins 2006 CJA Category 30 Award

Hangin wins 2005 CJA Category 34 Award

The  White Knight Awards

One Angry Chess Jurist

Hangin Wynchell
Broken Finger

Hangin Rooney
Pulling Elephant from a swamp

Howard CoHangin
weighs in on 5-Tool players

EF Hangin
Improve return on world championship matches

Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana

Hangin the Greek
Keys to victory
Carlsen vs Caruana

 The King abdicates this Throne

Email fixed if you want to email Hangin

2013 Chess World Championship
Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen

VanHangin's new Song
Driver's Seat

Hangin the Greek's
Keys to Victory
Anand Vs Carlsen

Advantage Magnus

Who will win Anand vs. Carlsen Chess World Championship Match

Hangin wins 2013 CJA  Best Humorous Contribution

Queens Interview

Hangin King Live
Interviews the top stars of Chess

Book Reviews
Bobby Fischer Goes to War - By Edmonds and Eidinow
ENDGAME - By Frank Brady

Here is an interesting link about Robert J Fischer.
Here my take on RJF's mental state -

World Championship match at hand
Vladimir Kramnik vs Vishy Anand

The Theme from NAKAMURA

Martians land in San Diego

2/1/2006 -
Case for Kramnik vs. Topalov
Makes Chess Today


You are all invited to 
Third  Annual White Knights Awards.
It's a black tie affair, so dress appropriately. 

Menu Selection
Kebapcheta, Sarmi, Shepherd's pie, Cottage pie,  Filet Mignon. 
No vegetarian menu this year. 
When ? Any time you want - 

Where ? Right here at Hangin's own private Idaho
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Breaking news story -
Chess Reporter has the scoop
Ailing Kramnik pulls out of Corus

1/3/2006 -
Newest, Hottest Rivalry
Topalov vs. Anand

1/2/2006 -
Sport's sacred barriers
Topalov breaks 2800

Happy Holidays

12/15/2005 -
Hangin Mason makes the
Case for Kramnik vs. Topalov

12/14/05 -
Hangin outed
will there be a federal investigation?
how will this change the balance of power in the chess world?


12/13/2005 -
Read about it in the Chess Today Sunday papers

FIDE has no claim to the world championship title
Hangin's take on
 Garry Kasparov's post San Luis interview

10/05/2005 -
Hangin makes chess life - October 2005 issue page 9

10/01/05 -
 Hangin weighs in on FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
it's not the Legality that matters so much its the Value

9/30/2005 -
Hangin makes The Chess Journalist newspaper

9/27/2005 -
The Iron Man, Adams weighs in on San Luis
The Dark Horse, Kasimdzhanov weights in on San Luis
Morozevich on San Luis

9/8/2005 -
Svidler speaks out on San Luis

9/5/2005 -
Kramnik playing a Simul

8/24/2005 -
Judith Polgar weighs in on San Luis
What would a championship be without a song.
Van Hangin strikes again
Highway to San Luis
and a ticket to chess immortality

Who is Hangin??

8/21/2005 -
Hangin's take on Anand on San Luis
Hangin's take on Topalov on San Luis
Hangin's take on Leko's interview on San Luis
Hangin answers 10 world championship questions
Find out how Hangin is preparing for this tournament

8/18/2005 -
Spelling is not that important

8/14/2005 -
 Chess rivalries continue at Mainz

8/11/2005 -
Hangin wins CJA Award for chess journalism
Category 34 - Best Humorous contribution

8/5/2005 -
Another Chess Sermon from
Father Hangin Carlucci
A gem just below the surface
A marriage in one

8/2/2005 -
Chess and Baseball
yes that right Chess and Baseball
Kramnik's Giambi Like batting slump

Father  Hangin Carlucci's weekly chess sermon

7/14/2004 -
Karpov for FIDE President

7/13/2005 -
The cream rises to the Topalov
the cream rises to the top and so do top players

7/11/2005 -
 Is Kramnik in danger of devaluating his title?

Hangin's interesting discussion on who was better

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