Fischer settles down in Iceland

4/15/2005 - 
   ChessBase reports that Fischer is settling down in Iceland. He enjoys the food, open space and fresh air. There are reports that Bobby will play a match with his friend Pal Benko. Lets recall that in 1969, Bobby refused to play in the US championship tournament. He felt it was too short of an event.  This tournament was a zonal and a qualifying event for the 1972 world championship cycle. The top finishers qualified for the 1970 interzonal. So Bobby was out of the 1972 cycle.  The top finishers of the 1969 US championship were: Sammy Reshevsky, William Addison, and Pal Benko. USCF President Ed Edmonson asked Pal Benko to step aside  and allow Bobby to take his place at the 1970 Interzonal. Benko realizing that Bobby had a great chance at winning, stepped aside. Fischer and Benko did have their problems early in Bobby's career.  During the 1962 Curacao Interzonal, Fischer and Benko got into a fight over Arthur Bisguier time. Arthur was there to help with analysis.  Fischer and Benko got into a heated discussion and and blows were exchanged.
  When asked about his greatest game, Bobby recalled the game of the century against Donald Byrne. He said his opponent didn't make any mistakes. Bobby also said he took a big risk with 11..Na4. This game was played early in Bobby's career. It was dubbed the game of the century by Hans Kmoch.

Donald Byrne vs. Bobby Fischer - 1956
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