DGT press release

Enschede, (Netherlands) 1 Februari 2005.

Press release

DGT Projects, the world leading company in the development and distribution of digital chess equipment, announce a long term co-operation with World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik (Russia).
A new DGT product line “Kramnik´s choice” including a rosewood electronic chess board, a set of brand new chess pieces and the latest innovation of digital chess clock, DGL XL “Kramnik”, will be available by June 1

The World Chess Champion takes actively  part in the development of new digital chess equipment. Director of DGT Albert Vasse said: “We are very happy to use the experience of chess professional of the highest level, in order to further improve our products”.

Kramnik himself is using the products of DGT for competition and preparation on a regular basis. He identifies with the aim of DGT Projects to bring the highest quality into the world of chess.

The agreements include the patronage of the 29 years old Moscovite over the first “DGT ChessLab classroom” in Enschede (Netherlands). The “DGT ChessLab” is fully equipped  with electronic boards. The traditional demonstration board is replaced by a projection screen and all activities on the student boards are registered by the computer.
In the future DGT Projects plans to provide the concept of the “ChessLab” to all interested chess schools and federations world wide.

Last evening Kramnik officially opened the classroom by giving a lesson to a selected group of talented young players from the Enschede region. The World Chess Champion demonstrated his exiting game against Alexander Grischuk, played just 3 days before at the Corus tournament. The Grandmaster answered all kinds of questions by the young Dutch players concerning his career and gave advise how to improve their game and fast forward their chess development.

DGT Projects, founded in 1993, developed the DGT 2000, the official FIDE electronic chess clock. The DGT electronic chess board and ToMa software are the standard equipment to live internet broadcasting. Website: www.dgtprojects.com

Vladimir Kramnik, born 25 June 1975, became the 14
th World Chess Champion by defeating Garry Kasparov, London 2000, defended his title against Peter Leko, 2004 in Brissago, Switzerland. Website: www.kramnik.com