Chess Today - Alexander Baburin weighs in on the Hillsborough Protocol

Issue CT-1114 11/26/2003

Letters to the Editor by GM Alex Baburin:  Today we received the following message from one of our readers:

"Hello, GM Baburin On ICC there is a man, Hangin, who has an interesting proposal for a cycle to try and save the World Championship. It may be of interest for CT readers, or at least, WebWatch? Best wishes, Bruce Humphrey"

To me, the proposal to come back to the 3-year cycle and interzonals sounds sensible, but the big question is: who is going to implement it?! FIDE (Ilyumzhinov) has its own ideas and its own financial problems, Kramnik puts on a brave face, but doesn't have a sponsor for his match neither side seems to be in any talks. We can draw up hundreds of good plans, but they will all remain wishful thinking as long as professional players do not agree what is good for them and their sport.

Don't hold your breath!