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 July 2004 - December 2004

Mr. BoHangin
Happy holidays
Hangin's Chess Most Wanted

12/21/2004 -

Hangin picks up a copy of Kasparov's My Great Predecessors part IV
 - Kasparov on Fischer
Who is the mystery man on the cover of the book ?

The House of Hangin
writing chess articles in elegance and style

12/07/2004 -
Chess in the Sports News
The US Men's and Women's Champions make USA Today 

12/02/2004 -
Trouble with Reunification -
Will the Kasparov vs. Kasimdzhanov match  occur ?

11/30/2004 -
Hangin take on Kasparov's interview 
after winning the 2004 Russian Championship -

11/25/2005 -
Woman hear me roar -

11/12/2004 - Kramnik press release
All we are saying is give Prague a chance
All we are saying is give Prague a chance

10/28/2004 -
Getting Strong now. Gonna Fly now. 
Rustam "Rocky" Kasimdzhanov pounds a side of beef
 in round 13 of the 36th Olympiad

10/25/2004 -
 DR Hangin's Diagnosis of Bobby Fischer
Hangin dispels the rumors of Paranoid Schizophrenia
is Bobby Bipolar ?
They call me Dr Hangin
They call me Dr Hangin

10/24/2004 -
Hangin weighs in on
the lack of English Language press coverage for Kramnik vs. Leko

10/23/2004 -
Hangin puts the question to the bishop and all the other pieces.
 Hangin gave it a deep LEKO

10/22/2004 - 
Fischer to President Bush and PM Koizumi "YOU WILL PLAY"
It's official Fischer vs. Bush and Koizumi
Hangin has give this match up a Deep LEKO, that's a deep think for those who did not watch the Kramnik vs. Leko Championship.
Hangin's keys to victory For Fischer vs. Bush and Koizumi
Hangin will be doing daily coverage
Kramnik questioning the reunification ?

10/21/2004 -
FIDE Reunification Marches on 
You know Hangin will give this a LEKO.
 That's a deep think for those who did not watch the Kramnik vs. Leko World Championship.
Things did not Loek Van Wely for Anand in Round 6 of the 36th Olympiad

Oh Leko, Leko, because Leko
Oh, Leko, Leko, because Leko

This just in , Hangin is seriously injured  

10/12/2004 -
Here comes the Champions 1 2 3

Sergey Karjakin strikes again
Chess art 
Check out THE DRIVE
Now it's time for something completely different
Hangin writes another song
Your Cheating Heart

Latest FIDE Rating Charts are out
Is Kramnik under attack ?
Hangin says yes, But so are Anand and Kasparov.
Find out by who. 
Hangin on the Stalemate

Hangin takes a cut at some World Championship questions.
check Hangin's take on player comments and interviews

Leko the 2001 Fischer Random Champion
Here is an interesting interview done back in 2001. Leko talks about his friendship with Bobby Fischer.
Hangin's patient - Charlie strikes again this time about the World Championship

Hangin's final Analysis - Kramnik vs. Leko
listen to Hangin's audio update

9/24/2004 -
Why the Chess World Championship is special
Hangin the galloping chess gourmet
Chess Championship Chili

9/20/2004 -
The 9th Pawn 
 Keys to victory
The Kramnik vs. Leko World Championship Match
9/25/2004 - 10/18/2004
Stay tuned for Hangin's final analysis


9/19/2004 -
Hangin's take on Kramnik's pre-match interview
Hangin's take on Leko's pre-match interview

Accoona - Krush vs. Skripchenko

9/16/2004 -
Anand wants to break the 2800 rating plateau

9/14/2004 -
World Chess Championship - Leko vs. Kramnik - September25 - October 18

9/9/2004 - 
Hangin has Gata see Kamsky play in the US Championship

9/2/2004 - 
Hangin reviews ChessBase Monograph by Robert Huebner
World Champion Fischer
Hangin makes the big time again 
September 2004 issue of Chess Life 
Cheating in chess?

Hangin's take on the latest Fischer interview

8/26/2004 - 
Kramnik's official web page

I think he's turning Japanese, I think he's turning Japanese, I really think so.

8/18/2004 -
Hangin take on Morozevich at Biel

Beating the dead draw horse 
Bobby Fischer to marry ?

Biggie Biggs Big, Baby

I'm Spartacus !!!
Hangin writes to President Bush

8/12/2004 -
Speed Kills
Catch the Indian Express
Will Kasparov take a ride on the Indian Express ?

8/7/2004 - 
Hangin's take on Anand's latest interview
is Anand the best in the world ?
who's the world Champion ?

8/5/2004 -
Chess and War

8/4/2004 -
Fight, Test, Suffering, Pain, Patience
Kasimdzhanov road to the Libya KO Title

7/29/2004 -
Dr. Hangin cures his patient.

7/28/2004 -
Hangin takes on a Reader on Adams' interview.
Does the World Champion have to be the best player in the world ?
Does Chess need to get away from the Boxing paradigm ?
Hangin answers all these questions and more  

7/27/2004 -
Hangin's 10 Chess Commandments
Mr. Leko, TEAR Down This Wall !!
Did Karjakin make history ?

They call me DR. Hangin

7/25/2004 -
 Hangin's take on Topalov interview from Libya
Is Hangin insane?

7/24/2004 -
Hangin's take on Michael Adams interview from Libya

7/23/2004 -
Hangin's takes a cut at Kirsan Ilyumzhinov interview
Chess World Championship and Democracy ?

7/19/2004 -
Bobby Fischer in jail 
Hangin review the DVD "Game Over"
return to the scene of the crime
the postmortem of the 1997 Kasparov vs. Deep Blue match

7/13/2004 -
Hangin responds to a reader about draws

7/12/2004 -

Hangin writes ChessToday
Hangin's take on Anand interview on Chessbase
Anand to skip FIDE KO ?

7/10/04 -
Chess, Tennis, Boxing