Chess in the News

3/8/2006 - Basketball great, Shaquille O'Neal on ESPN made the following comment: " the regular season is like chess, you got to get into the right position, then strike.... like playing chess, put yourself in the right position, then strikes.

2/8/2006 - The New York Post reported that the NFL's New York Jets, announced the promotion of Mike Tannenbaum as the new GM. He will replace Terry  Bradway, who will remain on as a consultant.  Tannenbaum is committed to working 24 by 7. On the personal side, Tannenbaum likes golf and chess. I am not sure when he'll find the time to play chess, while working 24 hours a day.  But, I can see Mike stealing a few moments from his football duties to log on to ICC to play a few blitz games.

12/21/2005 - New York Post showed a front page picture of a striking New York City transit worker playing chess while wearing a picket sign. The strike has many New Yorkers walking to work. I say, if you are not going to work, you might as well play chess.

3/17/2005 - An interesting article in the New York Post about San Quentin Prison. 
The writer is GM Andy Soltis. He did an article on Scott Peterson's jail cell at San Quentin Prison.  Scott Peterson was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and son. Scott will be evaluated, by prison officials, for a few weeks to determine what kind of prisoner he will be.  If he is a grade-A prisoner, he will get up to 5 hours a day in one of the prison yards, where he can play hoops or play chess. 

3/17/2005 -  At his after acquittal press conference , Tony Blake said: "I am going out cowboying. You know what that is? Well you get into a motor home or van. You let the wind blow thru your hair. You wind up at some bar in Arizona. You play a game of one handed nine-ball against some 90 year old Portuguese woman, who beats the hell out you. The next day you're in some park, playing chess with someone."

July / 2004 - I read in the Star Ledger, a Bergen county New Jersey news paper, that Curtis Martin, New York Jets running back, played quite a few chess games this summer with Jim Brown, former running back of the Cleveland Browns. Both of these players are great running backs. Jim Brown is probably the greatest running back in NFL history.  He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in the early 70's. Curtis Martin will also be elected into the Hall of Fame when he retires as well. 

12/06/2004 - Newspaper USA Today mentioned the winners of the US Chess Championship.  It was on page 16c in the elsewhere section. The quote was "Hikaru Nakamura, 16, of the White Plains, NY., won the US men's chess championship Sunday in San Diego. Rusa Goletiani, also from New York state, won the women's title".