Bobby Fischer to marry

Here is an interesting article about Bobby Fischer marrying a Japanese woman. This looks like another attempt by Bobby to fight extradition. I am not sure it will work. The woman is a 4 times Japanese women's chess champion. But if she does marry Bobby, she should take Bobby up on his offer of a knight. Back in the early 1960's, Bobby said he could give knight odds to any woman in the world. I think she should sign a prenuptial that states that she also gets pawn and move odds. Bobby has been in a Japanese jail since early July. Should Bobby get married, it remains to be seen if Bobby can handle two queens, especially if one of the queens has a mind of her own. Rumor has it, Bobby promoted a pawn with a young Pilipino woman a few years ago. Should Bobby marry this Japanese woman, at Knight, I wonder if they will castle kingside or queenside.