Biggie Biggs Big, Baby

Here is a message I got from a friend of mine on ICC. His handle is BIGGIE. He gave me a this CORE DUMP a while ago, back on April 19 of 2004.

: Hey chessreporter, forget all this Ponomariov rubbish, what really eats me up is the way everything is being compared to chess these days. Political chess match, tactical chess match during a game of soccer.. chess is being used to promote films, sell cars and provide an insight into psychological analysis

 While I suppose this is good coverage for the game, it seemingly does nothing to help the chess world at the moment, which is spiraling out of control. I just to think that all coverage was good coverage, but how can this be the case when they cant even set up the board or the pieces correctly? What also annoys me is that chess is being described as a game, when it is obviously so much more. The "game" is being used as a metaphor for things way beyond a game, and so should be recognized as more than just a game. Ask some of the GMs, Admins and even some of the ICC faithful with %life of more than 50 and Im sure they will say that chess is way more than just a game, in some cases it is life! :) So what can be done about this? How about we get the politicians and the sports commentators to start referring to things as a game of draughts, whose intricacies were fathomed years ago, and where a computer can  beat and human master, unlike chess, as shown with Deep Fritz vs. Kramnik or even by the infamous Alterman Wall. Secondly, awareness of the game should be started off at a grass roots level, tell the kids its more than just a game and get them interested.  This is the only way I see of changing the chess situation for the better, and the only way for these annoying commentators to use chess as a metaphor, as once everyone plays "the game", perhaps chess commentators will say a chess match is like a political debate! Thanks for your time, perhaps I should have emailed you :)

78. Biggie (12:31 21-Apr-04 EDT): sure, if you want :)