A break in the Case for Bobby Fischer

 2/24/2005 -
    In July of 2004, while trying to leave Japan, Bobby was arrested by Japanese police for failing to have a valid passport. The US government had finally revoked Bobby's travel privileges. Bobby remains in a Japanese jail where he is fighting extradition to the US.   Since 1992 Bobby has been a fugitive from American Justice, when he defied a US Presidential decree not to do business in Yugoslavia. Bobby broke the decree by playing a rematch with Boris Spassky. Recently, Bobby compounded his problem by making Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, and pro-terrorist comments on a Philippine radio station. This was the last straw. The US government has been trying to use the attraction combination to draw Bobby back to the US, so he can be mated in Federal court. If convicted, Bobby faces 10 years in prison and a heavy fine. 

     Iceland has come to Bobby's rescue. They have issued him a valid passport, so he can leave Japan. Iceland immigration authorities have sent Bobby's passport via diplomatic mail to Japan. This passport will allow Bobby to travel to western Europe. 

   In 1972 Bobby help put Iceland on the map, when he battled Boris Spassky for Chess World Championship. Iceland is also trying to give Bobby Icelandic citizenship. Hopefully, Bobby's new passport will free him from Japan. However Hangin is not taking any chances. Hangin has forwarded, via US mail, a monopoly get out of jail free card to Bobby. This should do the trick and break this stalemate.  This is not the first time that Hangin has offered to help Fischer.

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